ISO SHIELD - hand sanitiser, touchpoint cleaner & protectant
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ISO SHIELD - hand sanitiser, touchpoint cleaner & protectant

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ISOSHIELD™ is a unique and powerful multi-application cleaner, sanitiser and antimicrobial protectant, redefining protection against bacteria and germs with its revolutionary formulation of active ingredients.

ISOSHIELD™ can be applied to hands and surfaces. On evaporation, a durable bonded antimicrobial coating is produced which has sustained and soundly proven antimicrobial properties.

  • SANITISES - kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.  Meets WHO hand sanitising standards with 70% alcohol content.
  • CLEANS - This superior formula effectively oils, fats, grease, dirt, faeces, blood, germs and bacteria on hands and surfaces without using water.
  • Protects - provides longer lasting protection from germs and bacteria and is PROVEN to protect surfaces for 28+ days.
  • Availalable in various sizes and a 5L top up.

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