E1 - FILTA Vacuum Bags to suit ELECTROLUX - 5 PACK
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E1 - FILTA Vacuum Bags to suit ELECTROLUX - 5 PACK

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Introducing Filta SMS Multi-Layered Vacuum Cleaner Bags, designed to help you maintain your vacuum and keep your workshop or office clean. These bags are specifically designed to suit commercial vacuum cleaners, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

The unique 5-layer SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond) technology of Filta vacuum cleaner bags provides superior dust capture, ensuring that you are always effectively removing dirt and dust from your worksite or office. This technology not only enhances the cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment.

In addition to superior dust capture, Filta SMS Multi-Layered Vacuum Cleaner Bags also allow for greater suction and bag capacity. This means you can clean more efficiently and effectively, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade your commercial vacuum cleaner with Filta SMS Multi-Layered Vacuum Cleaner Bags and experience the difference in cleanliness and performance. Order yours today and enjoy a cleaner and healthier workshop or office environment.

Applicable Models

5030, 5035, 6030, 6035,AIRMAX: ZAM 6100 - 6116, ZAM 6210 - 6271, ZAM 6280, ZAM 6290
BOLIDO: Z4500, 4595

CLARIO: Z1900-1999, Z2000-2095, Z7510-7549
CLARIO 2: 3511, 3515, 3520/S, 3523, 3525, ZP3510 CLASSIC SILENCER EQUIPT: ZEQ6520T

ERGOSPACE: 2253XXL, 2254XXL, 2271XXL, 2272XXL, XXL10-300, XXLTT11, XXLTT14, XXL160, ZE310-355, ZE 2200-2299, ZEG300, ZEG320, XXLBOX16

EXCELLIO: Z5000-5295

JETMAXX: ZJG6800, ZJM6840, ZJM6850, ZJM68FD1
MONDO PLUS: Z6200, Z6201

OXYGEN: Z5500-5695, Z5900-5995
OXYGEN+: Z7320-7399
OXY 3 SYSTEM: ZO6300-6399 POWERFORCE: ZPF2300T, ZPF2310T, ZPF2310T Pet, ZPF2320TP, ZPFG2300, Dust & Gone ZPF2320T, Animal ZPF2300T SMARTVAC: Z5000-5695 TORNADO: Z4010, Z4020

ULTRAONE: Z8800-8899, Power, Deluxe, ZUO9925P, ZUO9923PT

ULTRA SILENCER: Z3300-3395, ZUS3336-3396, ZUSG3000 Green, ZUSG4061, ZUSG4062 Green, Origin ZUS4065OR,
VIVA QUICKSTOP: ZVQ2100-2105 ZEN: ZUSDELUX58 ZUS4065 PET, ZUSG4061, ZUS4065OR, ZE340, ZE347, Z90

ORIGINAL: S-bag, E200, 201, 202, 203, 205, 206, 210, U5420,FC8200-8219,
CITY LINE: FC8400-8499, HR8368-8399, Barcelona, Chicago, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Paris, Rio, Roma, Tokio, Venice

EXPRESSION: FC8600-8650, HR8300-8499, Fuchsia
IMPACT: FC8380-8399, HR8350-8368, Excel Wild Lime/Plus
JEWEL: FC9050-9079

MOBILO: HR6999, HR8500-8599
PERFORMER: FC9150-9179, Compact FC8385, 5FC8520-8529, FC8650-8660

SPECIALIST: FC9100-9149, Animal, Carpet, Control, Hygiene, Reach & Clean

STUDIO: FC9081, 9082, 9088, 9089

UNIVERSE: FC9000-9049
ORIGINAL: HR6999 Sydney,U5420

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