Dealing with Covid-19

There is a lot of information circulating around how to protect against Covid-19 personally which includes basic personal hygiene such as washing hands, not touching your face and shielding coughing and sneezing.

There is however more that can be done that will protect staff in the workplace or even your family at home.

All virus and bacteria are transferred through the usual medium of physical contact, airborne or surface contact.  Covid-19 is no different.

Physical contact and airborne (sneezing) have been well covered in the media.  Surface protection however is a bit of a mystery.

Hand Hygiene

Good hand hygiene is a must and simple changes can make this more effective.

  • Any form of hand hygiene is a chemical reaction and a dwell time of 20 seconds minimum should be followed. Dwell time is the amount of time your hands are physically wet from the product you are using whether it’s sanitisers or soaps.
  • The quality of the product is also important. WHO guidelines state that Alcohol Sanitisers over 62% and below 90% are most effective at eliminating viruses and bacteria.  Check the Sanitiser you are using.  If it’s not Alcohol based it may not be effective, so look for good supporting evidence.
  • Drying hands with paper towels has been proven to be more hygienic than Air Dryers and fabric or cotton towels. Paper towels prevent cross contamination and are more absorbent then their fabric counterparts.

IsoShield is a unique sanitizer, surface cleaner and surface protectant that meets WHO standards for hand hygiene but can also be used for cleaning and sanitising personal equipment such as phones or cutlery.  It also offers ongoing protection using nano technology proven to last for 21 days.

Surface Protection

Surfaces are particularly dirty environments.  Covid-19 has been proven to survive on surfaces and like most viruses and bacteria, is transferable to people once they touch their face.  There are several tasks that can be undertaken to protect against surface transfer.

  • Organizations should undertake touch point sanitizing and protection. Light switches, handles, keyboards, phones, reception counters are key areas however there are many more such as kettles, toilet flushers, taps, etc.
  • Large surface areas are lesser source of risk but also important. This includes benchtops, desks and tables.

IsoShield is a unique sanitiser, surface cleaner and surface protectant.  IsoShield will instantly kill viruses and bacteria on touch points but will also provide ongoing protection proven for 21 days using nano technology.  Used under a regular touch point sanitizing program, IsoShield will provide the highest level of protection to people.

IsoPro3 is a unique sanitiser, surface cleaner and surface protectant that is ideal for large area cleaning and protection to be used on a regular basis.  It comes in a concentrate form creating great cost in use.

Rubbermaid Commercial products offer a range of solutions proven to remove bacteria and viruses.  Rubbermaid Microfibre (and microfibre light) offer launderable solutions for cleaning.  If laundering is not an option Rubbermaid disposable microfibre offers a solution for cleaning but also removes the possibility of cross contamination if moving from room to room.  Microfibre not only is effective due to the size form of the fibre being able to get closer to the surface but also has electrostatic properties that attract and bind bacteria and virus to the fibre

Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

Airborne particles are difficult to deal for obvious reasons (you can’t scrub air!!).  Air purifiers commercially or domestically are a solution, but you need to ensure the air just isn’t been moved around with less odor.

iAm Air Purifiers are proven to remove 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses.


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